Eyelash Extensions-behind the scenes video

Check out behind the scenes video of me, doing eyelash extensions, and explaining the procedure. Before and after pics at the end of the video.

If you need more detailed info on eyelash extensions, check out my other post



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Let’s Rage Clothing! Graphic Madness

Beautiful Freak Makeup Artist:

Awesome Graphic Clothes!

Originally posted on Tyshka Design:

Tons, and loads, and blasts of crazy, awesome, futuristic graphics on clothes. T-shirts, blouses, leggins, hats……………..

Check out the code for 10% off !



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Beauty in the jar- coconut oil and 3 awesome ways to use it


1st is pretty obvious-cooking.

Coconut oil will work as any other oil, so use it however you want to. You can’t even really taste the coconut flavor, so if you’re not a fan of it (i’m not), don’t worry. You can fried eggs with it- they won’t become sweet or anything like that :)

Smear it all over your body!

What? Yes! Coconut oil is awesome as body lotion! Especially for super dry skin :) I also heard that doctors recommend using coconut oil as a baby lotion since many babies are allergic to..well baby products :)

The best hair conditioner ever!

And this is the big deal! I know it sound kinda gross to put oil in your hair, but trust me, it will work magic!
Just don’t go too crazy (like I did once) and use very small amount (a pea size is enough) . I only use it on the tips of my hair, since it is really easy to go over the top, and then your whole head may look greasy. So start with small amount, but don’t put in directly on your skin (scalp) just hair.
Use on wet hair-just like you do with conditioner.
You can also make your own deep conditioning treatment!
For this you can use a bit more of coconut oil, then wrap your whole head in plastic foil. Leave it for about 20 minutes, then rinse.

So how is it better for your hair and skin then your regular beauty products? Well , if you choose organic, natural coconut oil, then you stay away from all the unnatural, chemical ingredients that you can find in those supplies. Beside coconut , in general, is awesome for you! And whatever you put on your skin, goes inside your body, so , yup, the choice is yours :)

And it is pretty cool to use just one jar in your kitchen and under the shower ;)
Stay healthy and beYOUtiful :)))

ps- Coconut oil works great as makeup remover! (try to wipe your makeup with cotton ball saturated in coconut oil-it’s so gentle! I love it!)


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New addiction – Eyelash Extensions

Originally posted on Beautiful Freak Makeup Artistry:

Eyelash Extensions became very popular over the last year, and as an eyelash extensions technician I feel obligated to bring this subject closer.

How the procedure looks like?

Synthetic (silk or mink) or real fur eyelash extensions are attached to your own eyelashes (not the eyelid) using a special medical adhesive, designed for this type of procedure.

A set of new eyelash extensions can run anywhere from $100 to $500 in the United States.

Depending on the amount of lashes, technique and experience of a technician, it will take from 1 to 2 hours to apply them (sometimes longer).

You have to keep your eyes closed for the whole time, while laying comfortably on the bed or special chair. It’s very relaxing procedure, and most of my clients fall asleep:) so it’s also great gateway and break from our every day, busy life.

The tech will cover your bottom eyelashes first, with…

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Fashion is Dead-Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the VOGUE cover

2 posts in one week! And that one will be pretty long. That’s unusual for me, but I couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer. When I first saw the info of that infamous couple on the cover of such well-respected magazine as VOGUE, I was sure it’s a joke. But few days later I saw the whole spread (plus posts and twitts of all of the confused folks), and I was like “holy crap! Fashion is dead”.

I mean, it’s VOGUE! How can you put on a cover somebody who’s not only talentless, is not related to fashion, but also somebody who doesn’t really have any powerful message to introduce to society. Seriously.
Don’t get me wrong. I do think she’s pretty (although it’s not all so natural), but how she really got where she is right now? Um, by doing porn (ok ok, some of you will say that’s exaggeration, cause it was done with her boyfriend …. Yadda,  yadda, yadda…. but it really was a deliberately recorded tape that went viral, as planned. Get real. That’s how you make a fast career in Hollywood). Of course having a “famous” father (the guy who helped free OJ Simpson from double murder) helped her get her career going too. I’m not going to describe all the stuff she was doing in between. Let’s face it. We all know who Kim Kardashian is.
Then this guy popped out of nowhere, calls himself next Jesus, prodigy , genius …. Ahhhhh. He’s so humble too. Just great example for the youth.
Naturally, the cover was meant for Kim, he’s just an add on, but still….
Allright,  so we know they don’t have any positive message to send, so maybe the key to understand Anna Wintour decision is actually fashion?
Let’s take a look at that.
I think Kim has her own clothing line, or a store? Not sure, and honestly I don’t even want to waste my time researching it. So let’s take a look at her personal style, which is-very tight. Everything that she wears looks (hot) like it will snap on her butt :))) ocassionally she also wears floral dresses aka couch covers.
Am I brutal? Hehehe.
I mean don’t get me wrong. She’s pretty, and she has some kind of style, but please don’t confuse us by putting her on high fashion magazine cover.
As for her boyfriend, uhh, I don’t even know where to start. Let’s just say sweatpants and blouses with pentagrams are faaaar from fashion.

So what really happened? Why Anna Wintour decided to make that feature? (Btw-she was famous for banning everything that connects to Karashians, so where this big change came from). Mmmhh. Some people think she’s broke, which I don’t think is true (it’s VOGUE for god’s Sake) . Others think it’s just to create the talk (you know what they say “bad publicity is better the any publicity”). If that’s true then wow-that’s so low. But I think it may be more sinister then that. There is a group of  very rich and very influential people, who know how to use famous personas and mainstream media to get  their message out there. It’s a  whole trend of using these plastic celebrities to introduce young people that this self-oriented, narcissistic, money driven life style, is so cool, and yet easy to get. Just you know, record yourself having sex, then put it on youtube, turn your private life into low quality sitcom (have you seen Kardashians? They’re so unintelligent it’s hilarious) , and there you go! Bam, and you’re on the cover for Vogue.
I mean it really is happening. There was Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry on some fashion related covers (KP actually walked the runway during fashion week-whaaat?!!). Same story, they don’t represent any good example, plus there’s no sense of fashion there. Unless you think tacky, latex, toy-looking pieces of clothes (usually panties) are fashionable.
And let’s face it. Who follows those “stars”? Youngsters.

So maybe Anna W just got orders from very rich people to use this couple in her magazine…..
Whatever. I’m just happy that many well respected celebrities, people who work in fashion industry, (and supermodels actually) are not afraid to openly boycott Vogue.
Maybe it wasn’t really smart move from Anna. She definitely gain the attention, but she surely lost some subscriptions too.
So yeah! My opinion on the subject is -get the brainless people who degenerates next generations out of the picture. And if you think that I’m wrong, then, my dear friend, you are a part of the problem.

Check out Naomi Campbell reaction :))))


ps-enjoy my grammar ;)

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Whaaat?!? $3 eyeliner!

I haven’t been that excited about the beauty product for a while. But here’s my joy! Elf gel eyeliner that I got for only $3! That’s right three american dollars :)


Most beauty people (including me) are always a bit scheptical when somehting is too cheap (Seriously $3-I get coffee more expensive then that).
But when it comes to this product-it is actually worth much more then low price.
I got mine in electric blue color, but from what I remember they also carry metallic browns, purples, green and black.
And the most important-that baby stays on all day .
Seriously. It’s very soft, and easy to apply, and the color is graet-very vibrant and high pigmented.
Another awesome thing about E.L.F. is they’re cruelty free, meaning they don’t test their products on animals :)
I got mine at ELF boutique on Broadway and 8th street, but I’m pretty sure you can buy it online.


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Behind the scenes: EU body paint


My first attempt to body painting….and the sad story behind it.

The cover photo of this video is a part of calendar “Always Represent Polska”, where every month tells a story about Polish culture or history. I chose May (2004), when Poland joined European Union. The flags on the body represent 28 countries, where European Union flag is placed on the face, which in fact represents the superiority  of the union over the interests of  individual countries of the EU (in my opinion, naturally)

Body painting took me 3-4 hours, and another hour for taking photos. It was my first attempt to body painting, and I used products with different bases, to compare them, and learn some technique.

I used some kids face paints, Ben Nye liquid paints, cream colors from Makeup Forever, as well as water activated color rings from Makeup Forever.  The best quality, coverage, and ability to control application, came from water based body paint from Makeup Forever.

I will def try to do something similar, and maybe go into details since I didn’t really spend a lot of time on the painting process (I knew , I’ll be the one retouching the photos, so I didn’t mind fixing some flaws in photoshop).

In post production I added blue/yellow/red splash, where Blue and yellow supposed to create an Ukrainian flag, and represent its desperate fight in joining the union. My friend, who happened to be Ukrainian, pointed out that for her, red color symbolize “communistic  red” (Russia), which I think is actually brilliant ;).

The rest is for you to judge.

Make love-not war!


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