INLOVE Magazine Spring Editorial Photoshoot

I’m so excited to finally get my hands on the latest issue of INLOVE Magazine, with colorful editorial spread inspired by spring carnivals. It was really fun, yet very long, but succesul shoot. Not only the whole team was amazing,  but we were hanging at the legendary spots, like Cooney Island Luna Park ,or Nathan’s famous for their annual hot dog contest. Check the pictures for credit in the editorial team, models, photographer, stylist, makeup (me :), hairstylist.

Or check out Behind the Scenes video here

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You better work, cause that body ain’t coming with the DVD

Check out Behind the Scenes of amazing video shoot with the director Nadia Itani and Holly Taylor, for her new workout video series! And yes, that sweat proof makeup on fab fitness lady was done by me ;)

I felt fit only from watching them (I wish it work like that lol;)


And here are some pictures from other shoots with those lovely ladies, where I had a chance to use my makeup skills.

Holly Taylor by Nadia Itani Holly Taylor by Nadia ItaniHolly Taylor by Nadia Itani  Holly Taylor by Nadia Itani Holly Taylor by Nadia Itani Holly Taylor by Nadia ItaniHolly T Show crew by Nadia Itani Holly T Show crew by Nadia Itani

Stay tune for HOLLY T SHOW ! :)

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Blue Puss

Check out Making of Blue Puss, my video project raising awareness to animal cruelty in fashion and beauty industry. Most makeup products used on a lovely model Shema Carter was from ELF and Urban Decay. Two of my favorite CRUELTY FREE beauty brands :) Stay tune for the final video and pictures

Tyshka Design

Yo, check out behind the scenes footage of Blue Puss, my video project raising awareness about animal cruelty in fashion and beauty industry. Thank you to all the people involved in this project. Stay tune for final clip! It’s gonna be sick!

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Holiday Makeup Trends

Here’s my article about Holiday Makeup Trends featured on new amazing blog Make sure to follow it, as those locally made, organic body products are truly working their magic :) xoxo


When talking about the trends, most people think about some new, and exciting looks that haven’t been seen before, where in fact, trends are constantly coming back, maybe with some modern twist, but they are usually some kind of variation of old, good classic looks. Trends are really marketing strategies of big cosmetic companies, created in order to make profit. It may come as a surprise that most trendy loos, and colors, are repeated during every season at the timely manner, but with our busy lives, we most likely don’t pay attentions to this repeating process. That’s why we have sun kissed, gold toned look in a summer, glitters during new year and holiday season, settled, earthy tones in autumn, and pops of vibrant colors in spring.


There are few general rules on how and when to wear certain looks; if you go with dark/smokey eyes, you should leave your lips natural, and settled, or…

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Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

This is a follow-up to one of my previous posts.

I promised to provide list of beauty companies that DO NOT test on animals.

So here it is:

(you can set specific search, if you look for a particular company, and companies that still test on animals)

Stay fierce and cruelty free. We are all one!




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Fabulous Zombies

Hey! I know it’s not Halloween, but I had a chance to be a part of awesome project, where I could create a whole bunch of zombies :)

White eyed zombie

White eyed zombie

I must say, I was scared as hell, but I played it cool hahahaha

Nicole-Zombie SFX makeup artist ;)

Nicole-Zombie SFX makeup artist ;)


Eyelash glue scratches

Eyelash glue scratches

Together with Nicole, SFX makeup artist, we created 6 zombies using different techniques, from homemade prosthetics, and old good latex, to eyelash glue.

I plan to have a whole new segment of DYI tutorial on how to make your own Special Effects Makeup, so stay tuned for guts, brains, and other parts ;)

Here are some behind the scenes pictures. More on Facebook


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Love in NYC

I’m happy to announce my collaboration with amazing team from Love in NYC

Love in NYC

Love in NYC is a blog, where you can find not only amazing dating stories of females living in the big city, but also helpful tips in different “girly stuff” like beauty, fashion, health, fun places, and interesting events.

I, naturally, will be responsible for makeup/beauty section :)

So stay tuned, and check out Love in NYC

Talk soon


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