Holiday Makeup Trends

Beautiful Freak Makeup Artist:

Here’s my article about Holiday Makeup Trends featured on new amazing blog Make sure to follow it, as those locally made, organic body products are truly working their magic :) xoxo


When talking about the trends, most people think about some new, and exciting looks that haven’t been seen before, where in fact, trends are constantly coming back, maybe with some modern twist, but they are usually some kind of variation of old, good classic looks. Trends are really marketing strategies of big cosmetic companies, created in order to make profit. It may come as a surprise that most trendy loos, and colors, are repeated during every season at the timely manner, but with our busy lives, we most likely don’t pay attentions to this repeating process. That’s why we have sun kissed, gold toned look in a summer, glitters during new year and holiday season, settled, earthy tones in autumn, and pops of vibrant colors in spring.


There are few general rules on how and when to wear certain looks; if you go with dark/smokey eyes, you should leave your lips natural, and settled, or…

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Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

This is a follow-up to one of my previous posts.

I promised to provide list of beauty companies that DO NOT test on animals.

So here it is:

(you can set specific search, if you look for a particular company, and companies that still test on animals)

Stay fierce and cruelty free. We are all one!




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Fabulous Zombies

Hey! I know it’s not Halloween, but I had a chance to be a part of awesome project, where I could create a whole bunch of zombies :)

White eyed zombie

White eyed zombie

I must say, I was scared as hell, but I played it cool hahahaha

Nicole-Zombie SFX makeup artist ;)

Nicole-Zombie SFX makeup artist ;)


Eyelash glue scratches

Eyelash glue scratches

Together with Nicole, SFX makeup artist, we created 6 zombies using different techniques, from homemade prosthetics, and old good latex, to eyelash glue.

I plan to have a whole new segment of DYI tutorial on how to make your own Special Effects Makeup, so stay tuned for guts, brains, and other parts ;)

Here are some behind the scenes pictures. More on Facebook


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Love in NYC

I’m happy to announce my collaboration with amazing team from Love in NYC

Love in NYC

Love in NYC is a blog, where you can find not only amazing dating stories of females living in the big city, but also helpful tips in different “girly stuff” like beauty, fashion, health, fun places, and interesting events.

I, naturally, will be responsible for makeup/beauty section :)

So stay tuned, and check out Love in NYC

Talk soon


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Angelina Jolie Makeup Malfunction

And it happened again! HD Powder went wrong

Angelina Jolie Makeup Malfunction It’s not the first time, when we see top celebrities covered in white powder (yes, it’s makeup powder , not coke hahaha). I’m sure most of you think what was wrong with her makeup artist, and how she could not see this white powder in a mirror.

HD Powder (high-definition powder, with  light reflectors and other ingredients to give your skin a flawless finish) is white, but once applied on your skin, it’s impossible to see, as it blends with your complexion. Your skin looks amazing (in real life)! But the problem begin when you stand in front of the camera with flash

Because of its unique ingredients and white color, HD powder interact with camera flash, and becomes visible on the pictures.

That’s why the best thing you can do, before letting your client go on red carpet, is to take a photo with flash with your phone. That way you can see every single flaw that will be visible when bright lights (flash) is used.

If you have never worked with HD powder before, DON’T try it and experiment on your client that will be photographed. There are many others products and techniques that will give you perfect, high definition look (mineral powders, airbrush, tap and dab sponge technique…).

Angelina Jolie Makeup Angelina Jolie Makeup

So don’t stress yourself out, and remember BLENDING is the key ;)

Ps- I do love HD powders! My favorites are MAKEUP FOREVER and GRAFTOBIAN :)


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Animal Testing in Beauty Industry-Mac, Lancome, Estee Lauder and more


Maybe now, people will understand why I don’t want to work for MAC (seriously, it’s not every makeup artist’s dream). Yes , unfortunately, this powerful, rich company, still does testing on animals. And it’s not the only one…

I really can’t understand that. It’s 21st century,  the technology is still developing , nowadays, it really is possible to create those products cruelty free. If there are brands that can provide excellent cosmetics without doing those sicko experiments on poor animals, then isn’t that a proof it’s not only possible, but it’s working great?!?

Click here to check the full list of brands that DO test on animals. (Smashbox  in on the list, yet recently, they became cruelty free :)))

ON that list , we can observe titans in beauty industry. Those are very rich companies, that can do pretty much whatever they want. So if they have all the money they need, and they still test on animals, what does that mean? Are they freaking crazy or what? Right?

Why? Why? Why? The only reason I can think about is pure sadism.

I actually don’t like MAC products, I think they have really awesome PR campaign (they can afford it-get it?), but there are many better, and cheaper products on a market that don’t test on animals.

Lancome is another company, but with them I was really disappointed, because I think some of their products are truly amazing.

Unfortunately I have to boycott those companies, and I encourage you to do the same. That’s the only way to stop this horrible “traditions”, by not supporting those companies, therefore, not buying their beauty products.

ps-New post on companies that DON’T test on animals is coming soon, so stay tune (and subscribe ;) -is easy



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Eyelash Extensions-behind the scenes video

Check out behind the scenes video of me, doing eyelash extensions, and explaining the procedure. Before and after pics at the end of the video.

If you need more detailed info on eyelash extensions, check out my other post


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