Makeup Workshops with Megan Martinez

Hi there!

       As a makeup artist,  you have to constantly educate yourself, check the makeup news, and keep a track on whatever you feel will help you do a better job. Once in a while, you can even take some extra makeup class (like airbrush or bridal) or attend the makeup workshops. Especially when you have a chance to be taught by your idol!

That’s why I took this chance, and first time ever I signed up for makeup workshop with celebrity mua Megan Martinez. I love that girl!She is so talented and, as I found out at the workshops, really sweet and down-to-earth.

    I was very excited and anxious at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect. As it turned out-I was wrong!


Megan was very welcoming and friendly. She’s a real sweet girl.  During those 5 hours, Megan created 5 different looks, from bridal and airbrush, to her most famous colorful and creative applications.

She answered every question, and gave us some really good tips not only about makeup and accessories, but also about business and makeup industry. Really great, inspiring and honest soul, seriously.

I have to admit that I didn’t stay for hands-on:(

I honestly just wanted to meet her, talk to her, and hear her feedback.

I was positively surprised when I noticed, we are using similar or almost the same techniques for makeup applications:)))

However, I picked up many tips, and shortcuts that will def help me at my work.

Megan introduced many cosmetic products that she uses, and I just can’t wait to get those goodies online:)     (reviews, reviews, reviews:))

So yeah! It was great! We got a certification, tiny goodie bag, and a code for 30% off from one of Megan’s sponsors iCandi Cosmetics!!!!

Some muas may think it wasn’t necessary to attend that kind of workshop (because it’s not a real school or whatever), but hey-she’s my idol and it was totally worth it!

And by the way, Megan was asked to give makeup lessons in MUD-one of the best makeup schools ever, so I guess that’s one more prof that she’s a great makeup artist.

You should check her work

Get inspired


Till next post :*









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