Gifts for Makeup Artist

It’s a holiday season!!!!

That means it’s time for shopping:) Everybody loves to receive gifts, and imagine if the gift actually meets the needs of receiver-that’s a double success.

It’s hard to find a perfect gift, especially for a professional like Makeup Artist.

That’s why I thought it’s going to be a good idea to create a guide for a perfect gift either for pro MUA or makeup lover 😉

I highly suggest to not buy ANY products from pharmacy counter, since they usually don’t meet quality of cosmetics used by professionals.

Every makeup artist likes to use different brands, so unless you really know his or her style, it’s easy to pick up the wrong product 😦

So here are some alternatives, that will make your MUA friend happy.

 #10 Kat von D – only for Kat von D fans haha


I haven’t tried that palette yet, but it looks awesome, and the package is perfect for christmas. It also has really good reviews. Now with KvD line-it may be tricky. I have few of her pallets, and some of the eyeshadows are awesome, and one of my favorites, where some of them are less then ok. But it’s a great deal, 12 eyeshadows, 2 long lasting lipstick for only $34

#9 Makeup Belt


We always need them. They’re cheap, and in different colors and styles. You can find tones of them online. ($15 and up)

get it here

#8 Kevyn Aucoin Books 


Every makeup artist should at least know about those books! Created by one of the best and innovative makeup artist ever. They’ve been around for a while and are still popular and inspiring. Love them all. I’m pretty sure you can pick them up at any Barnes and Nobles store. (around $15)

get it here

#7 Makeup Case- Perfect for a MUA without a car hahaha


This is the gift on a rather more expensive side, but it is still cheap ($150)

If your MUA travels a lot, or does on location makeup, this would be perfect. It has wheels, so it’s easy to travel, plus it can be used as a chair (either for a client on location shoot, or for MUA who is coming back after all day working on her feet, in a crowded subway, without a place to sit :)))

It can also be used to organize your makeup, or as a storage for cosmetics. There are many different colors too:) The only minus is that after a year of extensive using my case, it’s literally falling apart. Although I think it’s still worth the price.

get it here

#6 iCandi Pro Vibe Pallet


If your MUA is very creative and likes colorful applications, that’s a way to go. Super pigmented colors from Icandi cosmetics (review on this one is coming soon). ($72)

#4 Urban Decay Naked Pallets


I think this is a perfect gift for MUA who does a lot of bridal makeup (weddings). It’s has 12 neutral, toned down colors, and it also comes with the brush. Plus the package looks like big yummy chocolate.,default,pd.html?start=3&cgid=14

#3 The Vice Pallet by Urban Decay

Love Love Love Urban Decay Cosmetics!!!!

And I think it’s a perfect gift for everybody who likes makeup. Their packages themselves look like  presents 🙂 plus you have 20 eyeshadows and a double (good quality) brush. But that’s not all- you can use those babies wet- that means you can create eyeliners! So hey! For 59$ you’re getting 20 eyeshadows, 20 eyeliners, and 2 brushes -awesome deal.,default,pd.html?start=14&cgid=12

#2 Gift Card.

If you still not sure which present would fit your MUA, the easiest way is to get a gift card from any pro makeup store, like MAC, Makeup Forever, Temptu, Sephora . That way an artist can pick up whatever they need;)

#1 Makeup Brushes

Never enough brushes:)))

It’s a number 1 tool in makeup industry. They can be expensive though. The most desired and one of the best brushes are MAC. So if you have $ do get those, I assure you , every makeup artist will high pinch scream seeing those under the christmas tree.

Here are some cheaper alternatives that works great and are used by professionals all over the world.

Crown brushes– super awesome, I just got them, and the quality is very good. They also have sale now!!!


Royal brushes– Super good, super cheap, + plus they have very cute packages.

I also think that getting brushes of different colors, other then black, may help the artist to organize their brushes and make their job easier (I know I do that)


I can assure you, as a MUA, I would love to get any of those products.

So yeah

I hope I helped some of you:)

See y’all soon



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