Naked Basics by Urban Decay


So as some of you may already know, I’m a huge urban decay fan! I love everything about them, staring from the name, through designs and packaging to their wide range of colors and cosmetics quality. I own few of their pallets (full color baby) , so when they start to launch Naked products I was little uncertain, because all of the nude colors, which I don’t use a lot. Even though i don’t own any of the original  Naked pallets yet (question of time 😉 ) I ordered Naked Basics to try it out and add some matte eyeshadows to my kingdom of makeup.

The pallet is so awesome!!!! It’s compact (size of a phone) so you can fit it in a very small purse , plus it has a mirror! 6 colors are matte neutral tones from very light, through yellowish to dark brown, to black.

Image Image

My favorite was right away a Faint, which I used to fill my eyebrows.  It was a love from te first sight haha
Those are one of the best quality matte shadows that i tried. They go on smoothly, yet they give you rich coverage. They blend perfectly, giving you natural, enhanced look (or more dramatic one, as you can see in the picture)


I also order a mystery bag, where I got small mascara, lip gloss….and a sample of naked balm(it’s amazing, my skin looks flawless).

So here’s my super fast look using UD products :)))


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  1. Love it! I need to get this x

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