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So here comes another review. This time it will be about Kat von D STARRY EYES PALLET.
I love almost 😉 everything about  KvD, and I don’t really care what some people say about her (she sold herself and stuff like that) I still think she’s an awesome artist and spirit in general. She’s definitely one of my favorite tattoo artists, and I love her style and how much details she put in every little aspect of her art, and how she is always true to her own vision.

All right, but let’s talk about her makeup line. I’m really excited that she’s expanding the brand as well as the quality of the products.This pallet is a great deal. You can get it for $34, and it covers 12 eyeshadows and 2 long-lasting lipsticks (one lipstick itself cost $20, so you do the math … 😉


Lipsticks are pink-berry color LOLITA which I think looks awesome on women of color. It’s SLIGHTLY too dark for me, because I have very light complexion, but I still love it.
The other color ADORA is beautiful red with sparkle:)
They act more like lip stainers, that’s why they stay on for so long (I wore Lolita while skiing-it stayed on for a whole day). And as lip stainers they don’t smudge, but they also dry your lips (they don’t act like creamy lipsticks, but the color is absorbed by your skin). My lips are generally dry all the time, so I’ve been using just regular chapstick over my lips every time I felt like they were too dry. And the color stayed on even with chapstick! Yay!!!


As for the shadows… Awesome!!!
But it depends what brush you’ll use. So if you don’t like how the shadows work, give it another shot with a different brush. I noticed the fluffy brushes work a lot better than stiff ones.  And you can build your look constantly, adding more and more product to create a desired effect and more coverage.

blog2You get 4 different color pallet (3 matching eyeshadow, from light, to medium, to dark). You can either stay with “the code” and use only shadows in their “family” or you can mix and match them. Just have fun!!!

I actually wore this makeup for a whole day :))LOVE it

The look I’ll show you is easy, basic, smokey eye.
To create the look cover your lid with middle color. Then add the lightest color on the inside part of your eye. Then add dark color on outside part of your lid and your crease. Blend everything so it looks smokey, add some mascara and ….ta ta! You’re ready to rock!

I thinks this pallet is awesome and totally worth the price!!! Love everything about it, and will definitely get more of those amazing silky lipsticks.
Oh and by the way, they’re really easy to remove or fix the outlines(if you made a mistake) not like some of lip stainers that are hard to take off even the day after hahaha

Stay Fierce!


ps- Check out makeup tutorial with this palette at my YouTube Channel @BeautifulFreakMakeup


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  1. Audry says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >STARRY EYES PALLET by Kat Von D | bfmakeup <Liked it!

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