Revlon Photoready Primer


Here’s a quick review of a product I’ve never even planned to use:) It’s Revlon Photoready, color correcting primer!
I was about to cover shift for my MUA friend on the movie set. It was a last minute thing. Even though I hesitate, I didn’t have a choice, but to get any primer at the local pharmacy (no makeup supplies stores around 😦
That’s how I picked up the Revlon primer (for $10) and used it on the set.
I was positively surprised. This primer has matte finish, so it is good for use in front of the camera. It’s pore perfecting, with a purple hint, so it’s also helpful in correcting your undertones. If your skin is light, you can even wear it by itself. Or you can follow with foundation.
The only thing I notice, is when I use it on dark skin, with some olive undertones, it looks very ashy. But then again, if you follow with foundation, you’re good. You can also mix the product with foundation, and it will blend into your skin.

So yup!
I’m really surprised about the quality
Of this product! I’ll rock it today-at my first New York Fashion Week event of 2013!!!! Wooop woooop;)

Stay beautiful



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  1. Passed by your post and decided to share it on my blog so my followers can see it too. I used the same title, “Revlon Photoready Primer | bfmakeup”

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