iCandi – The Colors That Will Make You Lick Your Face

Hey guys!

So I was waiting to get my hands on iCandi palette for some time. I learned about the company through multiple pictures of makeup done by one of my gurus Megan Martinez.
The colors always looked so vibrant and with Megan talent, every single makeup looked perfect.
So I ordered my palette along with some glitters (they have tones of colors available) and their sealer!!!

Omg. I love this palette! It has 10 colors, white, black, red, dark and light green, dark and light blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, pinks, and purple.
They are amazing!!! Very pigmented. They look vibrant on every skin tone, especially if you use eye primer (iCandi one is awesome too)

You can create hundreds of different smokey looks just with this one pallet, depending on your taste of color, you can stay with the same tone family, or mix and match colors!!smokey eye

That’s not all! If you get their sealer, you can actually create an eyeliner effect. Simply create a line shape, and follow it with brush wet with sealer on top of it. It will smooth out all the imperfections, plus it will stay on forever!liner effect

If you are not crazy about colorful, dramatic application, you can create softer, washed look by using fluffy brush that doesn’t pick up as much product and just lightly buff it onto your lid to create light, dreamy look:)))

The only thing that bothers me is that eye shadows are very messy, and break easily (while you’re traveling most likely).

It’s a must for creative makeup artist who loves colors and bold looks:)

Have Fun!



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