Behind the scenes: EU body paint


My first attempt to body painting….and the sad story behind it.

The cover photo of this video is a part of calendar “Always Represent Polska”, where every month tells a story about Polish culture or history. I chose May (2004), when Poland joined European Union. The flags on the body represent 28 countries, where European Union flag is placed on the face, which in fact represents the superiority  of the union over the interests of  individual countries of the EU (in my opinion, naturally)

Body painting took me 3-4 hours, and another hour for taking photos. It was my first attempt to body painting, and I used products with different bases, to compare them, and learn some technique.

I used some kids face paints, Ben Nye liquid paints, cream colors from Makeup Forever, as well as water activated color rings from Makeup Forever.  The best quality, coverage, and ability to control application, came from water based body paint from Makeup Forever.

I will def try to do something similar, and maybe go into details since I didn’t really spend a lot of time on the painting process (I knew , I’ll be the one retouching the photos, so I didn’t mind fixing some flaws in photoshop).

In post production I added blue/yellow/red splash, where Blue and yellow supposed to create an Ukrainian flag, and represent its desperate fight in joining the union. My friend, who happened to be Ukrainian, pointed out that for her, red color symbolize “communistic  red” (Russia), which I think is actually brilliant ;).

The rest is for you to judge.

Make love-not war!



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