Animal Testing in Beauty Industry-Mac, Lancome, Estee Lauder and more


Maybe now, people will understand why I don’t want to work for MAC (seriously, it’s not every makeup artist’s dream). Yes , unfortunately, this powerful, rich company, still does testing on animals. And it’s not the only one…

I really can’t understand that. It’s 21st century,  the technology is still developing , nowadays, it really is possible to create those products cruelty free. If there are brands that can provide excellent cosmetics without doing those sicko experiments on poor animals, then isn’t that a proof it’s not only possible, but it’s working great?!?

Click here to check the full list of brands that DO test on animals. (Smashbox  in on the list, yet recently, they became cruelty free :)))

ON that list , we can observe titans in beauty industry. Those are very rich companies, that can do pretty much whatever they want. So if they have all the money they need, and they still test on animals, what does that mean? Are they freaking crazy or what? Right?

Why? Why? Why? The only reason I can think about is pure sadism.

I actually don’t like MAC products, I think they have really awesome PR campaign (they can afford it-get it?), but there are many better, and cheaper products on a market that don’t test on animals.

Lancome is another company, but with them I was really disappointed, because I think some of their products are truly amazing.

Unfortunately I have to boycott those companies, and I encourage you to do the same. That’s the only way to stop this horrible “traditions”, by not supporting those companies, therefore, not buying their beauty products.

ps-New post on companies that DON’T test on animals is coming soon, so stay tune (and subscribe 😉 -is easy




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