Fabulous Zombies

Hey! I know it’s not Halloween, but I had a chance to be a part of awesome project, where I could create a whole bunch of zombies 🙂

White eyed zombie

White eyed zombie

I must say, I was scared as hell, but I played it cool hahahaha

Nicole-Zombie SFX makeup artist ;)

Nicole-Zombie SFX makeup artist 😉


Eyelash glue scratches

Eyelash glue scratches

Together with Nicole, SFX makeup artist, we created 6 zombies using different techniques, from homemade prosthetics, and old good latex, to eyelash glue.

I plan to have a whole new segment of DYI tutorial on how to make your own Special Effects Makeup, so stay tuned for guts, brains, and other parts 😉

Here are some behind the scenes pictures. More on Facebook



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