Holiday Makeup Trends

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When talking about the trends, most people think about some new, and exciting looks that haven’t been seen before, where in fact, trends are constantly coming back, maybe with some modern twist, but they are usually some kind of variation of old, good classic looks. Trends are really marketing strategies of big cosmetic companies, created in order to make profit. It may come as a surprise that most trendy loos, and colors, are repeated during every season at the timely manner, but with our busy lives, we most likely don’t pay attentions to this repeating process. That’s why we have sun kissed, gold toned look in a summer, glitters during new year and holiday season, settled, earthy tones in autumn, and pops of vibrant colors in spring.


There are few general rules on how and when to wear certain looks; if you go with dark/smokey eyes, you should leave your lips natural, and settled, or…

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