Many people ask what BEAUTIFUL FREAK means. The truth is, because of my Polish last name, people can’t really pronounce it, or even remember it. That’s why I decide to use not  a nickname (since it’s not representing me, but rather the philosophy behind my brand, and my clients), but words that will describe what I want to convey to others.

Beautiful Freak is broke, but fancy, S(he) loves art, colors, music, fashion, animals, and other freaky human beings. For Beautiful Freaks “normal” is overrated, instead they create their own, and unique  image of beauty. Beautiful Freaks are confident, whith who they are, and even though they are often misunderstood, their never-ending trust in surrounding energies help them to embrace their awesomeness and make this world better, more colorful, and fierce place.  Are you the Beautiful Freak ?

Join our team 🙂




Instagram: @bfmakeup

Twitter: @BFreakMakeup





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