New addiction – Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions became very popular over the last year, and as an eyelash extensions technician I feel obligated to bring this subject closer.

How the procedure looks like?

Synthetic (silk or mink) or real fur eyelash extensions are attached to your own eyelashes (not the eyelid) using a special medical adhesive, designed for this type of procedure.

A set of new eyelash extensions can run anywhere from $100 to $500 in the United States. (I don’t take any discount prices into account-like Groupon or Living Social)

Depending on the amount of lashes, technique and experience of a technician, it will take from 1 to 2 hours to apply them (sometimes longer).

You have to keep your eyes closed for the whole time, while laying comfortably on the bed or special chair. It’s very relaxing procedure, and most of my clients fall asleep:) so it’s also great gateway and break from our every day, busy life.

The tech will cover your bottom eyelashes first, with under eye patches, to keep your lower lashes out of the way.


Then using pair of tweezers she or he will apply extensions , one by one, to your own hair. (most techs work on both eyes at the same time, adding lashes at the same spot. It helps to keep symmetry, and it’s also less irritating for the client, but then again, everybody has a different style of work).

Even though the glue is safe for your skin and eyes, the fumes from it, may bother you (or even the tech) and cause slight sensation of burning. You should not worry about it, every tech should have a little fan, which helps the fumes to go away in few seconds.

Eyelashes should not be attached all the way, and touching your skin, but infused  about 1 mm from the lid. That way your hair still can breath and the extension is not blocking its natural cycle.


I personally use primer before applying lashes, and the sealer after they are done, to keep them in shape and add that natural gloss. Although, it’s not a mandatory.



How long they last?

It depends how efficient your technician is, what type of glue is used, and how well you take care of them.

Typically, if you want to maintain tour new eyelash extensions you should come back every 2 to 3 weeks for refill (touchups- where fallen extensions are replaced with new ones).

The strength of the glue may be from 2 to 8 weeks, but it’s impossible for extensions to stay fully on for 2 months without fill in in between.  It also depends on your own , natural eyelash cycle, which is personal, and different for everybody (due to body heat, natural oils, etc.).  We shred 1 to 4 lashes everyday. Take that into account, and don’t expect your extensions to stay on forever. It’s a semi permanent procedure.

How to take care of your extensions?

When you decide to wear eyelash extensions, you will have to slightly change your everyday routine (Doing so, you’ll make them stay longer and look nicer)

For the first 48 hours, extensions are not waterproof yet, and the adhesive is still bonding with your hair. During this time, you should avoid steam, moisture, water and oils (hot yoga, sauna, excessive exercising-where you sweat a lot, swimming pool, steamy/oily facials, airbrush-tanning, oil based lotions, etc.)

Don’t touch your extensions. The less you touch them, the longer they will stay on.

Your new eyelashes are extensions of your own hair, and just like them, they constantly grow and live on their own. You should brush them (in the morning is the best) with clean mascara wand (you can get those at Ricky’s or Sephora), but be gentle. Shape them half way through, but don’t go all the way through the roots (like you would do with mascara), since you can accidentally pull them out.

Also, for the first 2 days, you should not wear eye makeup (especially waterproof one-which contains oils, and it will weaken the adhesive bond).

For the whole time you’re wearing extensions, you should use OIL FREE products (like makeup remover).

You should also try to sleep on your back, instead of your side (and definitely not your belly). If you have a hard time with doing it, try using sleeping, fabric mask. You can also sleep between 2 big pillows on your sides, so they keep you in balance on your back.

What you should and shouldn’t do prior and during your appointment?


-be prepare, do your research.

-come with washed hair (seriously, the tech will be on top of your forehead for an hour, so take that into consideration 😉


We all know you should tip around %20 of the ORIGINAL price. Set of eyelash extensions in NY is arout $200(in some saloons even more). The average tip in saloon is at least $20 or higher.

If you have your eyelashes done privately on location, you don’t have to tip tech, since there is no third party involved in payment (like saloon fees, renting space, spa owner’s cut,  etc)

-be on time!

Especially when you have an appointment in the spa/saloon. If tech is busy, your lateness will affect other clients and their schedules. Most places have 15 minutes tolerance. After that, they may not be able to take you in.

-take care of your extensions. We’re not magicians. If you’re not following after-care instructions (using oil-free products,etc.), you should not complain your lashes haven’t stay as long as expected.


-come with makeup on!

(in the worst scenario, remove it yourself before your appointment)

The best time to take off your makeup is night before your appointment. That way all the oils will evaporate, and your new extensions will bond better with hair.

-expect technician will remove either makeup or your old extensions for free. Whenever the product is used (makeup remover, adhesive remover, patches etc.) the saloon has to charge you (it’s usually cheap).

-use eyelash enhancers like Latisse or similar. Stop applying it around a week before your appointment. (those products stimulate your hair cycle, that’s why it is not recommended with eyelash extensions)

-move a lot / chew a gum

Every move of your body parts will affects the application. So please don’t do Yoga stretching  (yup it happens to me lol) or don’t be too emotional (with your hands) while telling a story to your tech.

-open your eyes.

Seriously if a professional tells you not to  open, it means DON’T OPEN.

One more thing! You have to know, what you’re getting. Many times clients don’t take time to learn about the procedure. Individual eyelash extensions are often mistaken by CLUSTERS, which are something totally different. Those are not permanent (they stay up to few days-if you’re lucky), and they look more dramatic. You can get them in any drug store for few dollars. If you’re not sure what kind of extensions you’re getting, ask your technician to show you the lashes. If they look like that


that means you purchased CLUSTERS, which will stay only for few days.

And here is the difference of how they look in real life.

( left side-CLUSTERS, right side-idividual eyelash )

clusters        photo-5

I hope this post will help some of you

Let me know if you have any questions.






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